Hello! First Actual Post!

Why hello world! I hope that you all had a lovely Easter. I apologize for the delay. I went back home during Spring Break and did not have my laptop with me. For now, I shall show you my progress on projects. Currently, I am making a blanket for my stepfather’s birthday. He will be turning 60 on June 18 so I am creating 60 hexagons for the blanket. I have about 18 right now. I’m going to try out 4 different kinds of hexagons. I have 2 at the moment. Here they are!

        The first batch of hexagons that I have ever done. I am actually quite proud of how they look since I’ve only been doing this for about a month. And now to the second batch. This pattern kind of drove me bonkers because I followed it exactly and the first one started to ruffle so I had to change it a bit. It was 3 trebles/double chains per cluster and there are 12 clusters and instead of becoming a pretty half-circle when folded in half, it turned into an ear. Fail. I changed it to 2 trebles/double chains per cluster and then changed it again and now it works with 3 trebles/double chains in one cluster and then 2 trebles/double chains in the next one and 3 tr/dc in the next one and so on and so forth.

        I really like this pattern because it is rather pretty, it’s just I have to add 2 rows of single crochet(double crochet) to the hexagon to make it big enough for the first set. I also like how the first set kind of looks like giant, puffy flowers and the second set looks like little sunbursts.

        If you have not noticed already, the color scheme is pinkish/red, blue, and green because that is all I own at the moment. My grandmother gave me a HUGE bin of yarn because she spins her own now and doesn’t need this plethora of acrylic/baby yarn anymore. It’s kind of awesome, except now my twin sister (the knitter) wants me to give her the baby yarn (despite the fact that she has a ton of yarn as well). The lovely yarn:

        Best part- I found more after I took this picture.

Now to the other projects that don’t include the blanket:

        There are the hearts which are adorable and every time I make one I have “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes stuck in my head and it makes me want to give one to the guy I like (One of the good ones at least, not a crummy one. It would be bad to be like, “Here is a very lopsided heart. Keep it.”).

        I have 3 really pretty ones and then multiple fails. I try though! I have more too, but I don’t remember where I put them. They’re probably in my backpack because I’ve turned into one of those people who keep yarn and needles in their bags and start doing crafts while they are waiting for class to start. Speaking of class- good news! I will be able to go to school in Fall because I received a grant of about $1300. I was so happy when I found out, I really need it. It also kind of helps that I graduated with a 3.88 for all four years.

        Other projects: This bag made out of basket weave stitch. Made it when I was watching The Ten Commandments with my mom and sister. I will say that it was a huge yarn eater. Love it though.

       Here is the practice basket weave, a starter hexagon and a failed granny square. I’m gonna retry the granny sometime soon. I want to finish the hexagons first. I like how the starter hexagon looks like a really pretty flower.

        Future projects: going to do an African Hexagon. I keep seeing patterns on Pinterest and I seriously want to try that out. Probably will make that part of the 3rd set. I want to try flowers and amigurumi for sure. That’s really it at the moment.

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day. Hopefully, it’s bright and sunny and not raining like it is here in Central California.


P.s.: Totally forgot to show my crochet buddy. My grandparent’s cat, Samson fell asleep on my sweater.  He’s a cute little goober.



Hello world! My name is Captain Hook. It’s actually Rachel.  I am a beginning crocheter and I’m making this to see my progress at a future time. I’ve been crocheting for about two weeks now, taught by my grandmother and I will not be taking a class until May. I’d love to get advice from more experienced crocheters. I also like trying out new patterns and setting challenges for myself. For example, I am making hexagons for an afghan for my father’s 60th birthday so I am trying to get 60 hexagons. I have about 9 right now. Been crocheting non-stop since it’s Spring Break for me.

About me personally- I am 18 years-old (turning 19 on the 23rd of April). I am in junior college, but I don’t think that I will get to go next semester due to tuition increases. I have an older brother and a twin sister (who is a knitter). My favorite shows to watch are  Dancing with the Stars, Grimm, and Once Upon A Time.

I shall post pictures of my progress soon.

Happy Monday. 🙂